• Nail Bite
    Heavy Metal

    Nail Bite – winds of Netune

    A talented Youth Heavy Metal band out of Lancaster PA. We mix a variety of styles together for what we feel is a unique sound. Influences are Gojira, Metallica, Slipknot and Tool. Spotify / Apple Music / Youtube / Instagram featured song: more music by Nail Bite:

  • Christian,  Gospel

    Don Pasquale Ferone – Fidelity

    Don Pasquale Ferone is an Italian singer-songwriter, Catholic Christian, parish priest in the province and suburbs of Naples. He is passionate about guitar since childhood and has released four albums: “Certezza” 2017, “Confidenza” 2018, “Come Rock” 2019, “The Gift of Life” 2020. “Fidelity” 2020 (Homemade), Singles: “Fiducia” 2020 (Homemade), “Look il Cielo “2020 (Homemade),” Immense joy will be “(Homemade) 2020 and various …; they are songs of evangelization and praise present on all digital and streaming platforms. Spotify / Apple Music / Youtube / Instagram featured song Fidelity ( Fedeltà ) more music by Don Pasquale Ferone on Spotify

  • sofi maeda
    Indie,  Pop,  Punk Rock

    Sofia Maeda – He Was A Guy

    In 2019, Sofi Maeda released the single Feeling Alive and He Was a Guy. Maeda is a winner of international vocal and art song contests and laureate of the 1st degree of 15 international vocal and art song competitions in Russia. She performed at Fashion Week , on the Red Square in Moscow, at the festival in Gorky Park, Emergenza Rock Festival, with concerts in Live Stars, San-Diego ets. He Was a Guy is about a guy who never thought he was a perfect one and good enough. He always tried to act like someone else. He was too weak to be himself. He was the one who always stayed in … Sofi Maeda’s music, including He Was a…

  • 4n Boyz release 4n Affairs EP
    Hip Hop

    4n Boyz release 4n Affairs EP

    4n Boyz is a group based out of Chicago. 4N stands for Foreign as we are from different country and ethnicity. @4Njig and @4NHammy are the artists part of the group. Spotify / Apple Music / Youtube / Instagram Listen to sound samples … Lies (Feat. Yung Bino) 2. How Did I Make It? 3. Wanna Be Freestyle (Feat. 4NJig) full EP

  • Chris Hill Giann
    Indie,  Singer Songwriter

    Chris Hill Giann’s 1st solo demo EP “The Calm Before The Storm”

    Christoph Hillermann-Giannoutsos is a Hamburg born, Nuremberg based Greek-German artist and singer / songwriter who has currently released his first demo EP The Calm Before The Storm. The Calm Before The Storm is his is solo project Chris Hill Giann, while being also involved in bands like “The Acubed”, “Why Giraffes Why?” and “The Les Gras Rowdys”.

  • baby lu
    Hip Hop,  Indie,  R&B

    Baby Lu – Bad Stuff

    Luna Elisabeth Jezebel Pool, aka Baby Lu, from Frankfurt, Germany. Baby Lu wrote Bad Stuff after a heartbreak. She began drowning her pain in substances but after a while it got better. Bad Stuff really tells a story. It means everything to Baby Lu not only because it’s her first song but also because it shows who she truly is. Bad Stuff and Baby Lu’s future songs will be very emotional as she wants to reach out to the people going through the same. “I want people to be able to identify themselves with my lyrics and my music.“

  • Jemini
    Hip Hop

    Jemini – Zoney

    A young trapper, musician, song-writer and recording artist with a bright musical future Jemini is a young trapper, musician, song-writer and recording artist. Originally born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Jemini moved to Queensland, Australia to study, in 2017. During this period, he came to realize that music was a big part of his life and later realized that it had always been a big influence. It all started when he learned dancing in high school and the songs were mainly Hip Hop, from funky tunes to hard crunch with hard beats tunes. That was in 2013, the first year of his high school. Jemini started making music from Apple’s GarageBand.…

  • martin cierny

    Martin Cierny – Day N’ Night

    Day N’ Night is great summer song with chill and uplifting feeling. The song describes the feeling of coming to life when summer finally arrives. Day N’ Night is great song for summer parties and in general to lift the mood. Martin Cierny is half Slovakian Finnish-Swedish singer-songwriter from Finland. He has published four songs on spotify and the last one Day N’ Night was a collaboration with his friend Mikke Lind. Together Cierny & Lind are making new music all the time with the goal to become professional artists. Their music in not tied to any genre, they simply just make music that they like and believe that others will like as well.

  • Deliverance by Torturetekk

    Torturetekk – Deliverance

    Torturetekk was formed as a Dark Electro side project by the members of cult UK Electro Goth band Athamay (responsible for 1990s club hits Kiss the Whip, Falling and Eternal Torture). Initially the tracks Electric and Escaping were written by Sean and released on compilation albums with guest vocalists. The remaining members of Athamay then joined the project releasing the RIP album in 2000 With the album being digitally released for the first time in 2020 with accompanying videos for the tracks Electric, Escaping and Falling. In 2019 Sean resurrected the project, again taking on the lead song writing role with additional Synths provided by Jo (Athamay), and returned to the formula of a more Electro sound combined with…