Box027 – Pogo Prose

A german melodic punk band from hesse, the band was founded in 2018 as a fun project, and just recently started producing.

Basicly the CoviD crisis was the trigger for that. Pogo Prose is a cover of an older song from a german band called Brainless Wankers, we love this song, but it was nowhere available, so we coverd it with a license. The lyrics fit quite well to the curent crisis we think “it takes much more to break me” just nails it.

Founding members are Mathias Zinkand (drums), Tobias Höfer (guitar), Christoph Zinkand (bass), Leschek Karwoth (vocals) and Marc Stuwe (trumpet)

The mix of the fast punky rock with the trumpet is what makes it so awesome.

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