• Joyce
    Alternative,  Pop,  Singer Songwriter

    Through the Silence by Joyce

    Joyce Gomez is an artist with a focus on creating music that blurs the lines between various genres. From the unadulterated energy of alternative rock, down to the soothing edge of folk and indie-pop anything goes, making the artist’s sound quite distinctive and personal. Joyce recently hit the music scene with a fantastic new release: Through The Silence. This album is tastefully produced and it sets the bar higher with some earnest songwriting. From bittersweet vocal melodies to enchanting guitar parts and soothing rhythmic backdrops, this album has so much to offer, and each song tells a story.

  • Flynn Tanner
    Alternative,  Indie,  Pop,  Rock

    Flynn Tanner – Let’s Talk About

    Flynn Tanner Releases Electrifying Breakout Single Flynn Tanner is a sort of musical mastermind, and with his breakout single Let’s Talk About, he captures the tangible energy of summer fun. His ability to convey emotion and energy is immediately evident on Let’s Talk About – but where he shines most is in his ability to take that energetic feeling that everyone has experienced and musically evolve it into an electrifying expansive experience. With keen Pop sensibilities and an innate knack for songwriting, Flynn Tanner flawlessly flexes his amazing talents while writing, arranging, producing and engineering the entire song himself. He weaves an eclectic array of genres together, combining elements of…

  • ralph Staples
    Alternative,  Indie,  Soft Rock

    Ralph Staples feat Chris Davidson

    The Girl I Love Loves Someone Else by Ralph Staples feat Chris Davidson is now available on Spotify, Apple Music and most music streaming platforms. The Girl I Love Loves Someone Else is about a heartbroken husband who discovered that his wife was having an affair which led to intense struggle within the relationship. They tried reconciliation several times but the battles always seemed to get the better of them. The battles led to gambling, alcoholism, and fights. The wife decided to move on to her new lover and left her husband with unbearable pain and sorrows end real life in the saddest of ways imaginable.