• sofi maeda
    Indie,  Pop,  Punk Rock

    Sofia Maeda – He Was A Guy

    In 2019, Sofi Maeda released the single Feeling Alive and He Was a Guy. Maeda is a winner of international vocal and art song contests and laureate of the 1st degree of 15 international vocal and art song competitions in Russia. She performed at Fashion Week , on the Red Square in Moscow, at the festival in Gorky Park, Emergenza Rock Festival, with concerts in Live Stars, San-Diego ets. He Was a Guy is about a guy who never thought he was a perfect one and good enough. He always tried to act like someone else. He was too weak to be himself. He was the one who always stayed in … Sofi Maeda’s music, including He Was a…

  • Chris Hill Giann
    Indie,  Singer Songwriter

    Chris Hill Giann’s 1st solo demo EP “The Calm Before The Storm”

    Christoph Hillermann-Giannoutsos is a Hamburg born, Nuremberg based Greek-German artist and singer / songwriter who has currently released his first demo EP The Calm Before The Storm. The Calm Before The Storm is his is solo project Chris Hill Giann, while being also involved in bands like “The Acubed”, “Why Giraffes Why?” and “The Les Gras Rowdys”.

  • baby lu
    Hip Hop,  Indie,  R&B

    Baby Lu – Bad Stuff

    Luna Elisabeth Jezebel Pool, aka Baby Lu, from Frankfurt, Germany. Baby Lu wrote Bad Stuff after a heartbreak. She began drowning her pain in substances but after a while it got better. Bad Stuff really tells a story. It means everything to Baby Lu not only because it’s her first song but also because it shows who she truly is. Bad Stuff and Baby Lu’s future songs will be very emotional as she wants to reach out to the people going through the same. “I want people to be able to identify themselves with my lyrics and my music.“

  • Flynn Tanner
    Alternative,  Indie,  Pop,  Rock

    Flynn Tanner – Let’s Talk About

    Flynn Tanner Releases Electrifying Breakout Single Flynn Tanner is a sort of musical mastermind, and with his breakout single Let’s Talk About, he captures the tangible energy of summer fun. His ability to convey emotion and energy is immediately evident on Let’s Talk About – but where he shines most is in his ability to take that energetic feeling that everyone has experienced and musically evolve it into an electrifying expansive experience. With keen Pop sensibilities and an innate knack for songwriting, Flynn Tanner flawlessly flexes his amazing talents while writing, arranging, producing and engineering the entire song himself. He weaves an eclectic array of genres together, combining elements of…

  • ralph Staples
    Alternative,  Indie,  Soft Rock

    Ralph Staples feat Chris Davidson

    The Girl I Love Loves Someone Else by Ralph Staples feat Chris Davidson is now available on Spotify, Apple Music and most music streaming platforms. The Girl I Love Loves Someone Else is about a heartbroken husband who discovered that his wife was having an affair which led to intense struggle within the relationship. They tried reconciliation several times but the battles always seemed to get the better of them. The battles led to gambling, alcoholism, and fights. The wife decided to move on to her new lover and left her husband with unbearable pain and sorrows end real life in the saddest of ways imaginable.

  • Covid 19
    Adult Contemporary,  Indie,  Rock

    DJMCMUSIC – Covid 19

    “Covid 19: This is a story we’re all a part of no matter we’re we live in this world. But each and every one of us have to believe there’s light at the end of the tunnel. I hope in some small way this song will give you that belief. We can beat this – we can – just gotta believe!” Spotify Website Instagram