• Protyv, kirā キラー
    Dug Techno,  Minimal Techno,  Organic House

    Protyv, kirā キラー

    Constituting the ultimate desideratum of life, B.I.R.D. Labeling dives deeper into the interwoven layers of behavior and emotions, illuminating, visualizing and awakening the essence of existence articulated in electronic music and dance. Founded in 2017, molded by a small town in the windy north of Portugal, Santa Maria da Feira, B.I.R.D. Labeling ventures out to unsheathe and promote new expressions and facets of being and behavior, electronically, introspectively, individually, collectively. WE AREwe are Behavior.we are Introspective.we are Records.we are Dance. Sensorial “… when you want to see Aurora Boreal, it’s not just a matter of wanting to see, but also of wanting to feel. The smell, the touch and the…