DJ NoWay – SHE Ep

DJ NoWay makes music that you can feel without hearing a single syllable.

The twenty-nine-year-old Lansing native has long been inspired by the greatest producers in their field, whether that be a 9th Wonder in hip-hop or a Ryan Leslie in R&B, even a Hanz Zimmer in terms of scores and classical compositions.

NoWay does not rap or sing at all and therefore needs to let the music do the talking for him. Over the years he has crafted a sound that operates as a language and a creative process that acts as therapy to him.

All the emotions he has harbored and experiences he has been afraid to share are put on full display with elegance and emotion through records like “Home Land” and “Late Niight Dream,” two fan favorites.

DJ NoWay still has a long way to go until he is satisfied, but music has already given him more than enough. Now, he gives it back the only way he knows how!

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