Mark Perry – Dear Rukia

Mark Perry isn’t a sad person, but who hasn’t experienced sadness? The nineteen-year-old singer/emcee is no stranger to the feeling.

Born in Madrid, he currently resides in Northern Virginia and has taken a lot of cues from modern artists. The internal despair of Childish Gambino coupled with poppy and upbeat instrumentation containing darker tones, a la Paramore, are just some of Perry’s major influences.

This combination of bright instrumentation with emotional lyrics have proved to be successful for him on prior releases like his debut EP, Swings and Slides and his debut album, Nightmares and Dreams. His upcoming album, All Colors of Summer, is set to refine the catchy melodies while still keeping the crooner’s core message alive in an experimental and fresh way.

“There’s beauty in pain,” as he puts it, and Mark Perry is set to show you just how beautiful it all is.

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