With a powerhouse voice dripping with a haunting sensuality that slips easily into growling old school blues-tones, Kelli speaks her heart like a beat poet in a late night dive. The kind you only know if you’re in the know. Her music is an amalgamation of authentic blues/rock and heart-on-her-sleeve singer/songwriter pop with folk/gospel roots.

RUN is the focus single from Kelli Baker’s groundbreaking EP with multi-platinum producer Philip A. Jimenez (Wheatus, Teenage Dirtbag). This is Quentin Tarantino baby-making music. Jim Morrison possessed by carnal nature. Dr. John in the dark.

The final production was done virtually during the pandemic at Milk House Studios in New York. It’s a song written about an apocalypse of the heart. The sound was built around the imagery of sirens from Homer’s Odyssey.