Drew Ramz’s is set to release a new track Wasted Away, featuring life-long friend Alex Scott, on August 21st to all streaming platforms. Wasted Away is a track designed to put you in the mood of day drinking all day with your friends, whether that be on a cruise or bar hopping downtown.

In meantime, enjoy some of Drew Ramz other songs.

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Saphir is a catchy song about the love of Der King Borba’s life. edm meets pop and rap

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21 year old producer producer from London UK. I love making music and being creative 🙂

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Stay This Time, which was released July 3, 2020, is a story of learning your lesson about people and realizing that not everyone stays in our lives although we still hold on to the hope that they might.

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Flynn Tanner is a sort of musical mastermind, and with his breakout single ‘Let’s Talk About’, he captures the tangible energy of summer fun. His ability to convey emotion and energy is immediately evident on Let’s Talk About – but where he shines most is in his ability to take that energetic feeling that everyone has experienced and musically evolve it into an electrifying expansive experience.

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Canadian singer-songwriter Mark Rosal has been compared to Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, and James Taylor.Each of Mark’s songs celebrates a unique story, an introspective look at the world around us and an in-depth view of life’s journey.

Jotting down lyrics or the beginning of a song, Mark consistently works on his craft every day. Some ideas come easily, others get tossed. As most things in life, if he can’t stop thinking about it, the idea gets pulled from the trash and a second chance at life.

He hopes to resonate with others as a life-long student of personal growth and transformation, with his lyrics reflecting deeply personal thoughts. His genuine passion for music, the stories he paints for listeners and a connection to his audience have always been and will always be his motivation in song-writing.

‘Shelter In Place’ is a tribute song to Governor Cuomo, honoring how he has stepped up for us all during this Covid-19 virus. Uptempo, light-hearted, calypso groove and trance back-beat, still a quiet moment wishing comfort for those loved ones lost.

Uk based musician – songs focus on Animal Welfare and the Environment – in an accessible, melodic, pop/rock friendly style.

Gabriele Saro, Francesco Siliotto and Yves Agbessi are from Italy. Big influence from R&B and Pop music fro UK and USA, loving Chris Brown, Rihanna, Usher. Tha Album Number 1 presents rythmical songs, rap songs, love songs, with great lyrics and vocals

the album has been broadcasted on 280.000 radios, 180 countries and 5 continents