Progressive Music for the 21st Century . A fusion of Funk, Jazz, Rock, and R&B

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Adam Driskell. is a cover artist and original song writer from Nashville, TN. who takes pride in performing music both cover and original music over the years.

This particular cover, I Walk Beside You, was originally made by one of Driskell’s favorite bands, Dream Theater. In honor of how much Dream Theater has been an inspiration, Driskell decided to arrange, play guitar, produce and mix his own cover of I Walk Beside You.

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Flynn Tanner is a sort of musical mastermind, and with his breakout single ‘Let’s Talk About’, he captures the tangible energy of summer fun. His ability to convey emotion and energy is immediately evident on Let’s Talk About – but where he shines most is in his ability to take that energetic feeling that everyone has experienced and musically evolve it into an electrifying expansive experience.

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Universal Love – “When we can think, speak and act the way we want to be treated ourselves, the power of love will exceed the love of power and the world will know peace.” Is what Universal Love is about, it was inspired by a quote from Jimi Hendrix “When the power of love exceeds the love of power the world will know peace.

Into the Dream was written the morning after a Ryan Adams concert, thinking about how much things has changed since the beginning of the century.

The Republic is a tribute to the people and their achievements, and a wake up to call to Canberra to get on with it.

Spirit on the Wind is an ode to the Spirit of Freedom.

Like Sunshine is a love song to music itself.