Hollywood Mansion is nostalgic to the golden age and written in the dreamy city, one thing will always stay the same through out the decades, that is the enchantment of meeting someone special. Suddenly everything becomes grandiose like in the cinema. It all started when “I saw you dancing, at the Hollywood Mansion” This is one of my favorite songs I’ve written. 

Award winning hiphop artist leaves rap career behind to pursue his new found love of country-pop music.

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After powering through the disconnected nature of crafting these tunes, Too Easy has become Specialists’ most refined release to date. Come Over is a seductive stand out track where Specialists explore their R&B influences. Listeners will find themselves enamored with the skips & hits embedded within this song.

‘Shelter In Place’ is a tribute song to Governor Cuomo, honoring how he has stepped up for us all during this Covid-19 virus. Uptempo, light-hearted, calypso groove and trance back-beat, still a quiet moment wishing comfort for those loved ones lost.

Gabriele Saro, Francesco Siliotto and Yves Agbessi are from Italy. Big influence from R&B and Pop music fro UK and USA, loving Chris Brown, Rihanna, Usher. Tha Album Number 1 presents rythmical songs, rap songs, love songs, with great lyrics and vocals

the album has been broadcasted on 280.000 radios, 180 countries and 5 continents