Temperance Lancecouncil

Temperance Lancecouncil, the song’s lyricist and musical arranger says, “The song encapsulates the unified spirit of hope, global cohesiveness, and the brainpower needed to eradicate the global pandemic. Music brings the world together, and this is a global and symbolic representation of those intersections.”

As with other social, civic and world-inspiring anthems like “We Are The World” and “That’s What Friends Are For,” Lancecouncil explains that the world needs a unifying anthem to uplift and inspire, while bringing nations together, and this song does that. It’s sort of a musical umbrella for all nations to fall under during these very difficult times. 

“All of this is beyond heartbreaking for all citizens of the global tribe of humanity.” The California-based lyricist continues: “We can blame, rightly or wrongly so, but the only thing that will truly help is every scientist, virologists and genius medical experts coming together under the umbrella for a cure. This song symbolizes that united umbrella.”

As the sole copyright holder of all of the song’s rights, she wants the world to know that all sales go explicitly to World Health Organization and the United Nations to fight COVID-19 pandemic.

The anthem is available for traditional corporate and commercial use, but any such profits still go to both, as they work on this invisible global war.

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